About The Restaurant

We have owned and operated pizzeria-restaurants for the past 45 years. With the help of my dad, Salvatore, we opened our first pizzeria in 1972, in Staten Island, NY. Then in 1985, my brother-in-law Fred and I opened up a gourmet restaurant beside the pizzeria. We operated it until 1987. Shortly after, my wife, my five children, and I moved to South Florida. From 1991-2007 we owned and operated our third pizzeria-restaurant in Davie, FL. From 2007-2009, we opened our fourth location on Locust Hill Road in Greer. In March of 2009, we opened our current location here on S. Buncombe Road. We are blessed by God to have had five successful businesses. We hope that you will enjoy our wonderful food as much as we do!   

    -Joe & Diane Dellaventura

Meet the Owners

Papa Joe
Mama D

La famiglia

All five of the Della Ventura’s kids together helping with the family business. Left to right: Mark, Joseph, Kristen, Jodi, and Stacey.

Our son in law